Early Stage Researchers

The ColOpt network is actively recruiting and appointing fifteen researchers. Currently we have eleven active ESR team members, and the others will join us by the end of 2017.

ESR NameOrganisationProject Title
Antonello MatteoTOPTICAHigh power tunable diode lasers for rubidium applications
Ana CiprisCNRSCooperative Scattering of Light in cold atomic clouds
Xiangliang LiETHZSelf-organization in quantum gases: beyond single-mode configurations
Aleksei Konovalov USAARQuantum interference in optically dense media
Angel Tarramera GisbertUMILCollective atomic recoil laser in 3D ultra‐cold atomic clouds
Marius GaudesiusCNRSRadiation pressure based instabilities in the multiple scattering limit
James DooganM2Ti:Sapphire and VECSEL technology for cold atom applications
Giuseppe BaioUSTRATOptomechanics and nonlinear optice involving orbitsal angular momentum
Francesco CastellucciUGLASPhase coherent generation and storage of structured light in an atomic vapour
Francesco RosatiUSAARQuantum correlations between spins and motion in cavity optomechanics
Arthur JungkindUINNSelf-organization in two and three dimensions and new excitation geometries
Valeriya Bobkova
UMUENNovel optical trapping geometries based on complex light fields
Elmer Suarez EKUTLong-range interactions of Rydberg atoms in optical cavities
Adrian Costa Boquete USTRATSelf-organized spin and density ordering of thermal atoms in cavities
Adam Mazur HoloeyeOptimization of LCOS spatial light modulators towards photonic applications