Self-organization in quantum gases: beyond single-mode configurations

Xiangliang Li

Objectives: 1. Preparation of coherent matter inside ultra-high finesse optical cavities for studies of self-organization. 2. Investigation of pattern formation and its dynamics in configurations going beyond the single mode configuration. 3. Advancing the experimental
technologies for self-organization experiments: control of the spin degree of freedom and super-lattice structures. 4. In a creative process driven by the PhD student and including the theory partners UINN and USAAR a detailed proposal will be developed for the best way to implement self-organization in new regimes using different geometries and spin degrees of freedom. 5. Experimental implementation of the novel concepts developed by the student.
Expected Results: 1. Observation of self-organization of coherent matter waves in optical cavities. 2. Experimental measurements of pattern formation and dynamics beyond single mode configuration. 3. Implementation of technological improvements in the experimental set-up 3. Proposal for a novel configuration for self-organization experiments. 4. Experimental observation of the proposed configuration.
Planned secondment(s): 1. UINN 2. USAAR 3. USTRAT 4. Toptica 5. EKUT.