Ti:Sapphire and VECSEL technology for cold atom applications

James Doogan (WP4)

Objectives: 1. Develop optimised, cavity-locked Ti:Sapphire laser. 2. Investigate low-cost and high-power Ti:Sapphire laser for A/O physics application. 3. Develop cavity stabilised VECSEL system and understand polarization behaviour.
Expected Results: 1. Full understanding of novel pump source geometries for low-cost and high power, cavity-locked Ti:Sapphire Lasers. 2. Cavity-locked VECSEL system. 3. Commercial outcomes from exploitation of new & updated laser sources and associated electronics modules.
Specific Research and Training of ESR: 1. Diode-pumped solid state laser design. 2. Semiconductor disk laser design. 3. Electronics for cavity stabilisation and frequency locking. 4. Critical engineering aspects working with focussed teams
Planned secondments: 1. USTRAT  2. IFSC,  3. UWIS 4. USTRAT  5. EKUT